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We would like to introduce our pet Alpacas. 11 February 2017

By Jody

Earl (Earl Grey) is very friendly at snack time and very happy to be hand fed, he has a very fine soft grey coat.


Mister G. is extremely friendly at snack time, he can be gently patted and will try and sneak in extra snacks from the other alpacas.


James comes for snacks but prefers his container on the ground, he is still in training to be hand fed.


Moppet has very good hearing and comes to our whistles and calls (if not close by) for snack time, he prefers to be hand feed.


Red (Simply Red) is very handsome, he comes up when we are feeding the other Alpacas but he waits patiently until the other have finished feeding then wanders off, he is still in training.


Earl, Mister G., James, Moppet and Red are all Huacaya coats, when in full coat they look like big teddy bears.


Wayne (We hadn’t named all our Alpacas and a guest who was feeding Wayne offered his name) has a Suri coat, looks like he has dreadlocks, he loves snack time and follows Greedy and Moppet when they come running.


Our Celestine Retreat Guests are welcome to join us to hand feed the Alpacas each afternoon. (Please note feeding time may change without notice.)

Alpacas only eat grass, hay and Alpaca Muesli, many other vegetation can be toxic to these animals.

Did you know Alpacas originated in Peru? They are kept as herd animals on level heights of the Andes, Northern Bolivia, Ecuador and Northern Chile according to “Wikipedia”.

In Australia Alpacas are bred for show, fleece, guard animals and pets.

Alpaca fleece is highly valued due to its qualities and is described as “lustrous” and “silky” natural fibre in the textile trade, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin therefore does not repel water, the fibre is warmer than (sheep’s wool) and not prickly, which means it is described as “hypoallergenic”.

Whilst visiting us, alpaca products can be purchased from the Australian Alpaca Centre Denmark Western Australia,
Shop 2, 35 Strickland Street WA 6333
Tel/Fax 08 9848 2525
Mon - Fri: 9.30am-4.30pm
Sat: 9.30am-3.30pm
Sun: Closed

Our animals are from Goldleaf Alpacas for more information

Visit Denmark Animal Farm & Pentland Alpaca for an up close and personal experience with “beautiful friendly alpacas, cute koalas, cuddle rabbits and guinea pigs” and more….
Open Daily 10am - 4pm (closed Christmas Eve & Day) Koalas fed 10am, Bottle feeding Farm Babies 3pm.

Our Alpacas were shorn on 2nd October 2016 at the stud they came from and stayed at Goldleaf for another 2 weeks before being delivered to Celestine Retreat on 16th October 2016. Our Cows (steers) were less than impressed with their new neighbours at first but quickly came to accept them.

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