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9 November 2015 - Blue Wren - Splendid Fairy-wren

By Jody

Many guests visiting the area are not aware these delicate little male birds change to the stunning vivid blue during breeding season from October (Spring) through to March (Autumn). During the non-breeding season the males are grey with blue wing and tail feathers.

Denmark Western Australia provides a healthy habitat for a population of Splendid Fairy-wrens.

Here in Denmark Western Australia, there are many places the Splendid Fairy-wrens can be seen, including the Valley of Giants and The Lakehouse Denmark where the wrens are quite cheeky and can be observed cleaning up crumbs. We are very lucky to have them flitting through our gardens and around our chalets at Celestine Retreat.

As there are several “races” of Splendid Fairy-wrens they can be found across many areas of Australia, according to Simpson & Day Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. (8th Edition 2010).

As with the Splendid Fairy-wrens, we are fortunate to have the Red-winged Fairy-wrens throughout our gardens. These males also change colour during the breeding season from October through to March. During non-breeding season, the males remain quite dark in colour. These delightful wrens are only found in a small area of the Southwest corner of Western Australia according to Simpson & Day Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. (8th Edition 2010) The Red-winged Fairy-wrens are in smaller populations than the Splendid Fairy-wrens.

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Updated 20 June 2016