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16 July 2016 - Landscape Photography Tour with Greg Edwards.

By Jody

Fernhook Falls, Rowell’s Pool & Mt Frankland Wilderness Lookout.

We seized the opportunity to take a Landscape Photography Tour with Greg Edwards, a professional photographer with 40 years’ experience, he is very happy to share techniques and professional tips. If you are a beginner or advanced Greg will cater to your skill level. As small group photography tours can be tailored to your requirements, Greg and his beautiful wife Loretta enjoy sharing this wonderful environment with one and all.

Photo of Fernhook Falls with water cascading over the granite boulders, North Walpole, Western Australia.
Photo by Gregory Paul Edwards of Circle of Serendipity.

Our plan was to take in Fernhook Falls and Circular Pools however as we enjoyed the falls so much, we opted for Mt Frankland Wilderness View Lookout, Jeff and I had not explored this area before. We were so delighted and fell in love with the granite peak, jarrah and tingle forest which covers approximately 31000 hectares which forms Mount Frankland National Park.

Photo of the view from Mt Frankland Wilderness View Lookout.
Photo by Gregory Paul Edwards of Circle of Serendipity.
This time of year (July – Winter 2016) is fabulous to visit Fernhook Falls and Rowell’s Pool as there has been quite significant rainfall throughout the area and the falls cascade quite spectacularly over the granite boulders with splendid bubbles and patterns flowing into Rowell’s Pool.
Photo of the bubbles and froth at Fernhook Falls, North Walpole, Western Australia.
Photo by Gregory Paul Edwards of Circle of Serendipity.
We packed a picnic lunch to share, Greg and Loretta provided delicious coffee and cake and chose to picnic in the expansive under cover area which contained two very generous wooden picnic tables, gas BBQ’s and a small sink.
A photo of the trees reflecting in 'Deep River' with the current causing ripples that create interesting effects.
Photo by Jeff.
The day we chose to visit we had showers of rain but plenty of clear sky to enjoy walking and photographing the splendid surrounds, plants, lichen and fungi.
Jody and Loretta walking up the trail toward the Soho Lookout.
Photo by Gregory Paul Edwards of Circle of Serendipity.
Fernhook Falls provides plenty of walk trails, including boardwalks which have been constructed to protect vegetation whilst providing excellent vantage points to enjoy and view the falls.
The Mt Frankland Wilderness View Lookout is a platform but it takes you out clear of the surrounding trees and opens up to a gorgeous vista of mountains and valleys.
Photo by Jeff.

Interesting Facts I have learned.

Fernhook Falls is approximately 120kms from Denmark, is extremely beautiful, spectacular and pristine. The falls are part of Deep River and the colour of the water looks brownish, caused by the tannins in the surrounding vegetation. Water quality is 95% pure and “is one of the few rivers in the Southwest with an almost completely forested catchment” according to DPAW. Deep River is one of the main tributaries of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets and forms part of the Walpole Wilderness Area.
The bubbles and froth form exquisite patterns in Rowell’s Pool.
Photo by Gregory Paul Edwards of Circle of Serendipity.
The bubbles and froth are a result of saponin, this is derived from plants as they break down in the river. When the water if fast flowing and tumbling over the rocks, this churns the saponin, causing bubbles and froth to form.
The stunning contrast of the coffee coloured water of 'Deep River' flowing over the rugged granite boulders.
Photo by Jeff.
We then travelled a few kilometres to Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout where there are several walks. We chose the easy walk way which provided a spectacular view over the valleys, ranges and rocks, with it being late afternoon and the rain closing in, we decided not to do the Summit Trail to the Towerman’s lookout on top of Mount Frankland, as this trail is rated Class: 4 Difficult, we will attempt this another day.

We suggest you plan for a whole day to visit, Fernhook Falls, Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout, Swarbrick Art Loop, Thurlby Herb Farm and Circular Pools. Thurlby Herb Farm does have a café, please check for opening days and times or pack a picnic or BBQ lunch and take your camera and/or smart phone.

The following information taken from the Department of Parks and Wildlife's Mount Frankland web pages.

Mount Frankland Walks

Choose from several walks depending on how much time you have and your fitness level.

The Towerman's Hut is an easy walk to a barbecue area where you can explore the old hut built in 1956. From here the towerman left to climb to the summit of Mount Frankland several times a day to watch for fires and check the weather.

Distance: 200 metres return
Time: 10 Minutes
Class: 1 Suitable for wheelchairs

View the Walpole Wilderness from high above the forest floor on the spectacular Wilderness View Lookout. From here it is a challenge to see any sign of human activity or inhabitation.

Distance: 600 metres return
Time: 20 minutes
Class: 1 suitable for wheelchairs

Follow the Summit Trail to the Towerman's Lookout on top of Mount Frankland. While the walk is strenuous, the views make it worthwhile - on a clear day you can see the Porongorup and Stirling ranges to the East and the Southern Ocean to the South.

Distance: 1.2 kilometres return
Time: 40 minutes
Class: 4 Difficult

Take the trail to Soho Lookout and continue on the Caldyanup Trail. This trail loops around the granite bulk of Mount Frankland through the Karri Forest with views beyond.

Distance: 1.6 kilometres return
Time: 40 minutes
Class: 3 Moderately difficult

Picnicking: Gas barbecues and picnic table are provied at the Towerman's Hut about 100 metres from the carpark.

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Updated 16 July 2016